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Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt is Germany’s fifth-largest city. It hosts several trade shows and fairs, the largest being the Frankfurt Book Show and Frankfurt Motor Show. It goes without saying that Frankfurt is a cultural wonderland because it is where Johann Wolfgang Goethe, a prolific 18th-century author who had a significant impact on the development of most of contemporary Germany, was born. The Goethe House Museum, a tribute to the author's life, is now housed in his former residence.

The city is home to more than 30 museums that focus on different facets of Frankfurtian, German, and global culture, including natural history, architecture, film, art, and archaeology. They also highlight the Jewish culture that predated and followed World War II in the area. The restored Altstadt or Old Town, which contains the timbered manors and buildings of Old Germany, offers a much more comprehensive taste of traditional German culture. Special emphasis is placed on the Romerberg plaza, the historic town square still home to one of the best annual Christmas markets in the nation.

Getting there

By Air

Frankfurt Airport is located 11 kilometers from the city center. With direct flights from numerous U.S. and Canadian locations, this airport serves more than 110 nations and is both Europe's busiest airport and Germany's main international gateway.

Things to do and places to see

Old Town Center

Old Town, which is less than a square kilometer in size and is situated on the northern bank of the River Main, was one of Germany's largest half-timbered towns up to World War II, when it was completely destroyed.

Old Town Centre offers a diverse selection of attractions, whether you're looking for a place to grab a cup of coffee, go on a shopping spree, or just want to relax in a classic town situated in the middle of a metropolis. The new neighborhood's seamless architectural fusion reflects Frankfurt's evolving past.

An imperial palace in the Old Town, which is depicted in a film animation, evokes memories of the Carolingian era while the archaeological gardens display evidence of earlier Roman occupation in the area.

Stadel Museum

The Stadel Museum, which was founded in 1815 and presents a virtually comprehensive overview of European art from the early 14th century to the present, rightly claims to be Germany's oldest museum foundation. The Renaissance, Baroque, early Modern, and other periods are represented prominently in the museum's exhibits.

Master painters like Claude Monet, Lucas Cranach, Sandro Botticelli, Pablo Picasso, Max Beckmann, Gerhard Richter, Francis Bacon, and others are represented among the assets. Over 3,100 paintings, 660 sculptures, 100,000 drawings, 5,000 prints, and other works of art are displayed in the museum.

The Palm Garden

The Palm Garden legitimately stakes a claim as one of the must-see attractions in Frankfurt with family and friends thanks to its excellent floral exhibitions, multiple water basins, picturesque pathways, and breathtaking landscape.

A horticulture excursion that includes everything from the African Savannah to the traditional flower gardens of Europe should be considered by nature enthusiasts. In good weather, the garden comes to life with some of Germany's most breathtaking views, which is undoubtedly a sight to behold.

Frankfurt Cathedral

Frankfurt Cathedral's history extends back to the 13th century and it is one of Germany's largest and most famous cathedrals. The cathedral, where important Roman Emperors were crowned over the ages, is now home to a number of important works of art, such as Emil Schumacher's Job and Antomius Van Dyke's Lamentation of Christ.

The primary place of worship in Frankfurt is a Gothic-style Roman Catholic church that is dedicated to Saint Bartholomew. The cathedral's imposing sandstone tower, which dominates Frankfurt's skyline across the River Main, is one of its most eye-catching characteristics.


Visitors should not miss Frankfurt's renowned food market, which has over 160 stalls. Each craving is satisfied in this foodie's paradise with everything from regional and traditional goods to gourmet treats, fresh produce, flowers, handmade pasta, dried fruits, and processed meat.

Since everything is arranged in a limited space, customers can easily find their way around the lanes and shops. One of the most appealing sites to visit in Frankfurt is the market, which is neat, colorful, aesthetically pleasing, and has a welcoming atmosphere. Spend some time unwinding at the neighborhood wine shop built on the terrace decorated with flower boxes after a day of shopping and trying local wine and cuisine from the market.

Where to stay

Old Town for first timers

Due to its ideal location, Altstadt, often known as Old Town, is the ideal region to stay in Frankfurt for visitors. If you stay here, you'll be right in the thick of things, close to several restaurants, pubs, and stores in addition to popular tourist destinations like the Imperial Cathedral, Romer Town Hall, and Goethehaus.

Financial District for business people

Frankfurt's Innenstadt, often known as the Financial Center, is the city's core business and commercial district. It wasn't until the 18th century that this area, which had previously been outside the city walls until the 14th, started to grow significantly faster than other parts of the city and established itself as Frankfurt's most significant district.

Bahnhofsviertel for nightlife

Frankfurt's Bahnhofsviertel, the second-smallest district, is a heavily inhabited area in the center of the city. Due to its earlier development than other areas of the city, the region has a more contemporary vibe. One of the city's most promising neighborhoods is this one.

Best time to visit

The finest months to visit Frankfurt are from April through September, when the city experiences temperate temperatures, sunny days, and a lush green carpet of parks.


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